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  1. 1 - Getting started with the Ribbon Workbench

  2. 2 - Customising Standard Ribbons

  3. 3 - The Anatomy of Ribbon Customisation

  4. 4 - Ribbon Element Customisation

  5. 5 - Hiding/UnHiding Ribbon Elements

  6. Access Denied whilst publishing a solution

  7. Blog posts on the Ribbon Workbench for CRM 2011

  8. Cannot modify solution because it has the following patches

  9. Change the text or image of a standard button

  10. Check if you need to update your Ribbon Customisations for CRM 2015 Update 1 and CRM 2016

  11. Could not publish solution due to Ribbon Control Dependancies

  12. Create a command bar button for your custom acitivites

  13. Create a Dialog Short-Cut Ribbon Button

  14. Create a Workflow Short Cut Ribbon Button (No Code Solution!)

  15. Differences between CRM2011 and CRM2013/2015 Ribbon/Command Bar

  16. Download Ribbon Workbench for CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016/Dynamics 365/PowerApps

  17. Enable/Disable a ribbon button dynamically based on a form value

  18. Hide a standard 'out of the box' button based on a users security roles

  19. Import Solution Error : The 'label' attribute is not declared

  20. Move a button from one tab to another

  21. Pass the currently selected grid row(s) to a Custom JavaScript Function

  22. Process action associated with this process is not activated.

  23. processtrigger With Id = Does Not Exist

  24. Restore a Button that has been removed from the CRM 2013/2015 Command Bar

  25. Ribbon Workbench is not installed correctly

  26. Ribbons import: FAILURE

  27. Show or hide the 'Add New' button on form sub-grid based on the value on the form

  28. Smart Buttons

  29. Speed Up Publishing of Solutions

  30. Trouble shoot 'Not Found' message.

  31. Use the Ribbon Workbench on Chrome Version 42

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