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Change the text or image of a standard button


Your users have asked you to change the text of a standard 'Out of the box' button on the CRM 2011 ribbon so that it makes more sense to them.


 This is probably the easiest Ribbon Customisation you can do with the Ribbon Workbench, but it is also the most common customisation.

  1. Create a solution and add the Entity that you want to change the button text for. If the button appears on all entities, add the Application Ribbon to your solution. In this example, I'm going to re-name the 'Qualify' button on the Lead Form.
    Lead Solution
  2. Open the Ribbon Workbench and load your solution.
  3. Select the 'Form' ribbon using the dropdown box in the top right of the design surface.
  4. Select the 'Qualify' button and Right-Click->Customise Button. The button will now have a red tick against it indicating that it is customised in this solution.

    Customise Button
  5. In the Properties Tab, select the Language that you want to customise the label for, and change the 'LabelText'

    Change Text
  6. Click 'Publish' and the button text will be updated.
This same approach can be used to change the images of the button by adding the Images as webresources to the solution and then using the Image16by16 and Image32by32 property lookups to select the image.

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