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Smart Buttons

Smart Buttons are a new feature of the Ribbon Workbench 2016 allowing third party solution to be installed and publish a set of buttons that can be added by users to utilize features contained within the solution.

If you have the 3.1 beta version of the ribbon workbench - you can install the technical preview of smart buttons from here -

This is the preview release of the Smart Buttons solution that provides the following buttons:
  • Run Workflow: Create a workflow short cut and then optionally run code when it has finished executing (e.g. refresh the form)
  • Run Report: Create a report short cut button
  • Run Dialog: Create a dialog short cut button
  • Quick JS : Add a quick snippet of JavaScript to run on a button without creating a separate webresource

Unlike the Ribbon Workbench Solution - when you deploy to production you will also need to install the smart buttons solution since it contains the necessary JavaScript for them to work. 

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